Monday, January 4, 2016

Exo2 - Changing Course

I abandoned three years ago after three months of almost daily posts.  Burn-out.  I couldn't keep the pace--whether writing new copy that I hoped someone would find interesting, or directing my readers' attention to noteworthy work by others (movies, articles, photos, critique, political theory, or humor.)

I deactivated my Facebook account long ago.  I'm still on Twitter (@photocollageart), but extreme brevity does not suit my style nor my preoccupations.

This time will be different.  I will treat Exo2 as a sort of Twitter account with no 140-character limit--a place to vent, notice, reminisce, comment, and criticize in my own words, with fewer links to found web-objects.  I will not seek primarily to entertain, but will be pleased, if a post should  provide some mix of surprise, pleasure, and readerly satisfaction.  I'll write for myself, but hope to stand close enough to you to share something worth sharing.  Occasionally.

All aboard.